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Allison HrabluikMarch 17th to April 26th, 2009

An Artspeak OFFSITE project using Canada Post on March 17, 2009

28 thoughts while writing your name:

I have a maddeningly terrible crush on you. Hello. I think you are remarkable. This is urgent. Soon we will meet. Iím not stalking you. I donít even know you but I feel so close to you. Iíve heard a lot about you. Yes, we all know you did that. I think you should apologize. You are a very good friend. You have always been a very good friend. Iíd like to get to know you better. Only admiration. Are you lonely? I saw you at the grocery store the other day. You are very smart, and even funny. Iíve never really liked you. I am not yelling at you. Sorry. You are so attractive. I bet you have a firm handshake. This is how I reach out. I hope you donít know itís me right away. I know we will never meet. I love your name. I have something very important to tell you.

On March 17, 2009, 435 envelopes were deposited into a Canada Post mailbox in Vancouver. Each envelope contained a large piece of paper on which the addresseeís name was written in capital letters.

Allison Hrabluik [Artist]
Melanie O'Brian [Curator]