An annual Artspeak membership is $35 and includes:

• Access to our archives
• 25% discount on Artspeak publications
• Regular mailings, including information on upcoming exhibitions, essays and invitations to events
• Voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting
• Tax receipt for balance over $15

NEIGHBOUR membership for individuals and organizations that live and work in the DTES/Gastown area or work for a PAARC organization are $15.

STUDENT membership is $15.

FRIEND membership is $100 or more. Friends receive a complimentary Artspeak membership to give to a friend; Arabella Campbell’s Building Postcards (2012) - a numbered artist edition of 200; and an invitation to Friends and Neighbour events.


Flat annual fee of $240 or $20 monthly includes Friend membership benefits and an annual subscription to the Pocket Publication Series (3-4 issues annually), an additional 3 mailings per year of commissioned artist projects, editions and publications.


Donations of any amount are always welcome and eligible for a charitable tax receipt.